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  • Can you perform medical tasks?
    No. I am not a medical professional, nor do I replace one. As a Doula my job is to support you and your birth partner to be informed during childbirth and provide emotional, mental and physical support during labour. I cannot perform Vaginal Examinations, take blood pressure, monitor foetal heart rate or perform any other medical task.
  • Do you only support home birth?
    No, I can support any kind of birth including hospital births and caesarean section births. This includes if your birth plans change during labour or if complications arise requiring hospital transfer.
  • What if I can't afford to pay your listed prices?
    My aim is to provide support to anyone who needs it. Payment plans are available for all services, as are discretionary discounts for those in financial hardship. Please reach out to discuss your individual situation and I will happily work with you to find a solution to make my services available to you.
  • Can I create a bespoke package?
    Yes. My services are fully customisable and you are welcome to create a package to suit your individual needs. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and prices for custom support.
  • What happens if you have two clients at the same time?
    I don't take bookings that have due dates too close together. If there is any reason on call periods overlap, or if your baby arrives earlier than anticipated and I'm with another client, I have a back up Doula who will also be available to support you.
  • What if my baby arrives before you go on call?
    I will do my absolute best to get to you! If for any reason I can't (I may be with another client for example), my back up Doula will also do her best to support you.
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