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The right birth on the day...

- Introductory Offer -

Now just £150 for the full course!

Offer applies to both group and 1 to 1 bookings for a limited time only.

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a holistic approach to childbirth that aims to

empower and support expectant parents by combining elements of

self-hypnosis, relaxation techniques, and positive visualisation to foster

a calm and natural birthing experience.

During labour and birth, hypnobirthing supports you to focus on a range of techniques to induce a state of deep relaxation. Central to these practices are specialised breathing exercises that promote a steady flow of oxygen to the body, helping to maintain a relaxed state and manage pain more effectively. This controlled breathing serves to reduce stress and tension, allowing the birthing person to remain in a state of calm focus.

Visualisation plays a crucial role in hypnobirthing, encouraging individuals to create mental images of a positive and smooth birthing experience. By picturing the birthing process as a natural, joyful event, the mind can influence the body's responses and minimize fear. This mental rehearsal helps build confidence and a sense of control, fostering a more positive mindset towards labour.

Self-hypnosis is another cornerstone of hypnobirthing, involving the use of affirmations and guided imagery to enter a deeply relaxed state. Through self-hypnosis, individuals can redirect their thoughts away from fear and pain, allowing the body's natural birthing instincts to take over. This state of deep relaxation can contribute to shorter and more comfortable labours, with less reliance on medical interventions.

Incorporating hypnobirthing techniques into the birthing process is a collaborative effort between expectant parents and their birthing partners, as well as healthcare providers.


My classes and supporting resources will guide you through the principles and practices of hypnobirthing, helping you prepare for a positive birthing experience.

Have the right birth on the day for you and your family, as hypnobirthing equips you with the tools to approach labour and childbirth with confidence, calmness, and a sense of empowerment.

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Hypnobirthing Classes

Course includes:

  • Four sessions lasting approximately 2hrs 30mins for the mother-to-be and one birth partner

  • Printed course handbook

  • Access to the Wise Hippo Hub online library containing a wealth of downloadable video and MP3 content, plus a digital flip book copy of the handbook

  • Access to the Wise Hippo Hub Facebook group

1 to 1 course delivered in the comfort of your home - £250
Group Course of no more than 5 couples - £200
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